Crates & Flower Racks

Agricultural | food products | Automotive parts | Manufactured items

We carry the products to fit your needs

Our standard pallet sizes do not always fit your needs, that’s why we don’t just stay with our pallet manufacturing and recycling. In addition to pallets, we build bins or crates customized to your needs, for a number of packaging purposes:

  • Agricultural products
  • Food Products
  • Automotive parts
  • Manufactured items
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Garbage & Recycling

Custom Made, Reduced Expenses

Oxford Pallet & Recyclers can help you reduce expenses by building your shipping containers with both new and recycled material. Each of these crates can be custom made for safe transportation of your products.

Just like our pallets, crates and bins can be heat treat compliant for international shipments as well as for transporting goods locally. Knockdown or completely assembled units are readily available.

Contact Oxford Pallet representative to discuss your specific design and configuration requirements.

Customized Flowerracks,  Delivered to You

A couple years ago we answered the concern of many growers in Ontario. Flowers & crops come in thousands of sizes, and for the standard flower racks do not meet the needs of the growers.

We at Oxford Pallet can manufacture customized flower racks from reclaimable lumber, which substantially reduces your cost. Any configuration, shape or size can be constructed and delivered to you; completely assembled.

We think green, recycle

And proudly carrying your product