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“Recycling pallets saves hundreds of trees every day.  Oxford Pallet is able to save more than 250 trees every day, or more than 91,000 per year!”

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Recycling not only protects our environment, but also saves you money and resources for your company and community. If you are convinced of the importance of recycling and wish to do your part, we believe we can provide your company with recycling solutions that meet your needs. Minimize your company’s ecological footprint by recycling!

Help to reduce waste and decrease the negative effect garbage has on our environment by:

  • Recycling
  • Recovering
  • Reprocessing
  • Reusing

Plastic Recycling

Oxford Pallet & Recyclers provides the same baler service for cardboard as well as clear, clean LDPE plastic.

The plastic must be baled at your facility and then loaded onto our trucks, in combination with cardboard and pallet retrieval enabling one trailer to service all your recycling needs. The material is weighed and you are reimbursed based on the currently monthly rate.

Cardboard Recycling

Oxford Pallet & Recyclers is please to be a part of protecting our environment. Currently we are making an impact by reducing environmental waste via recycling your cardboard and boxboard waste.

Our services include installing a cardboard baler at your location and picking up the baled cardboard to have it reprocessed. We also offer the option of dropping a trailer at your facility, providing you with an easy means of disposing loose or baled cardboard. Reimbursement of finished product is based on the current market value.

“Turn your dumpster fees into income!”

Tote bag recycling

Tote bags are also available for recycling. Instead of disposing this material into landfill sites, Oxford Pallet & Recyclers will provide the same service as cardboard and plastic recycling services.

The material will be reprocessed into different products available for consumer usage. Contact an Oxford Pallet representative to obtain further details.

We think green, recycle

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