Wood Waste Products

Using the EC256 Roto Chopper wood grinder Oxford Pallet is capable of grinding unusable pallets and other clean wood waste into useful products. The scrap wood enters the grinder where it is broken down into sizes ranging from 5/8 to 3. A large conveyor magnet removes the nails from the wood leaving clean product for use in a variety of applications.

At Oxford Pallet we manufacture our own natural and coloured landscape mulch. After the wood is broken up by the grinder it is put through a colourizer to create coloured landscape mulch. Available colours include natural (not dyed) red, brown and black.


Click Here to determine the best colour mulch for
your property and the approximate amount.

Mulch is available for pick up starting in early spring to late summer and we also offer local delivery service. Landscaping companies are eligible for volume discounts. Please contact the office with any mulch availability or delivery questions: (519) 468-3400

Oxford Pallet produces clean, consistent, dry wood grindings for bio fuel. These wood grindings have very low moisture content and can be used in boiler furnaces or outdoor wood furnaces. They are for sale in walking floor trailer quantities of 146 cubic yards.

Animal Bedding
The 5/8 wood grinding material is suitable for animal bedding for beef or other livestock. This product is soft, absorbent and eco-friendly (it is made from used lumber rather than fresh cut trees). It last longer than traditional shavings and is very cost effective compared shavings or straw. It is available in 146 cu yd walking floor trailer quantities.