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About Oxford Pallet & Recyclers Ltd.

Meeting Your Pallet Needs Now and Long into the Future

Since 1999, Oxford Pallet & Recyclers Ltd. has been a leading supplier of quality pallets to a wide variety of customers. We strive to provide clean, quality products, excellent lead times, and professional customer service. We are a manufacturing company based in Norwich, Ontario. Our specialty lies in both recycling and building new pallets and other wooden products. Our 54,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is equipped to meet your pallet needs now and long into the future.

Custom Pallets
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The Quality Comes with OUR COMMITMENT

to our Customers: Professional customer service is a priority for our team. 

to the Environment: Our care to conserve the environment has resulted in us recycling pallets, cardboard products, and plastic products!

to our Products: We are committed to providing clean, inspected, high quality products.

to Preciseness: Using our custom program, PalletWise, we accurately receive and reimburse your recycled products. 

to our Employees: Our company employs local community members and maintains clean and neat facilities.

to our Lead Time Guarantee: With our large fleet of well maintained trucks and trailers, our Dispatch team will get your products to you quickly. 

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"Koert, Danny and Ryan keep my warehouse running. There is never is there a supply issue. If I'm in a jam due to production changes without notice, Oxford Pallet gets it done and finds time. Thanks guys; I appreciate the handwork."

Cola V.


Recycling is Environmentally Friendly

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